About Sheri

Living life as an ADHD Coach / Farmer / Entrepreur
My husband and I have crafted a lifestyle that may be a little off the beaten path. We remodeled a farmhouse built in 1788 and live there with a managerie of animals.


Coaching helps you reach your potential.
Everyone has a running dialog in their head, there are many “coulds” and “what ifs” that don’t see the light of day because the “shoulds” get in the way. These words are signs that we are not living to our full potential; they help me to guide you to a better quality of life. Coaching can help you to focus on your goals so you achieve what you know you are capable of.

Work with your strengths!
I believe that everyone has strengths that they could use better to realize more success. I feel that working from your strengths will allow you to succeed more and with less cost in energy or unhappiness. It excites me to think of helping people to tap into the energy they get when they are working on projects they really believe in. I enjoy seeing the change as people become more successful.

I like People with ADD.
I chose to specialize in ADD because I LIKE people who have ADD. Though ADD can have its challenges, in my mind the benefits outshine, outtalk, overwhelm and just plain wear out the negatives.

I love my ADD traits.
The things I love best about myself are some of my ADD traits. I would not trade my creativity, fast mind, or quirky sense of humor to fix a lifetime of missed deadlines and clutter. There are skills that can be learned to be better organized, more mindful of deadlines, adapt to lapses in short term memory. With some work, you can change impulsivity into responsible spontaneity. But, I don’t know of any way to learn to make your mind do that fast-acting, quick-jumping, creative dance that I so love in ADD people.

I want to be part of your success.
I became a professional coach because I am passionate about how much potential is out there just waiting to be set free. I want to be part of that process.

Coach Training, 2002 CTI, The Coaches Training Institute, Providence, Rhode Island

ADD Coaching Training, 2002 ADDCA, ADD Coaching Academy, Slingerlands, New York

Master of Arts, Communication, 1995 University of Cincinnati, Cincinnati, Ohio
Focus: organizational, team and interpersonal communication

Bachelor of Arts, Communication, 1993 University of Southern Maine, Portland, Maine
Graduated Magna Cum Laude

I’ve worked in many fields.
Because I worked through college I’ve gained vast and interesting work experience. I have worked in most of the big job sectors:

  • Software and project work in the corporate world
  • Dental assistant in a private practice
  • Factory worker in the manufacturing sector
  • Research Assistant in Education
  • Census Taker for the government
  • Volunteer work in the non-profit sector

Summary of my software years.
The majority of my professional career was in the software field. I’m including the highlights for those of you who may be looking for someone who understands the software field.

  • Managed QA team
  • Created Quality Assurance department from scratch
  • Years of contract work – great variety, fast-paced learning
  • Experience with early-stage startups (began as employee 9 during the pre-beta phase and left when the company grew to 60+ employees, a 6 application suite of products, and 77 brands including Walmart, The home Depot, and Best Buy)
  • Assisted in redesign of development processes and workflow
  • Helped to implement version control
  • I worked in large, mid, and small sized software companies
  • Wrote many, many manuals and online help programs