Do I Need A Coach?

An ADD/ADHD Coach works with the client, you, to set goals and work towards achieving them. This means bettering your life. If you feel ADD is preventing you from being who you want to be, a trained ADD Coach can help you sidestep some of the common ADD pitfalls. A Coach will keep you focused  to move towards those goals.

Sheri’s ADHD coaching services are provided via phone. She works with the client to determine the best call schedule to meet their needs and to start them on the path to success.

Who should hire an ADD/ADHD coach?

Questions to ask yourself:

  • When you assess your life do you like what you see?
  • Are you working on a big project and need support to be more productive?
  • Are you making choices that will ultimately make you happy?
  • Do you even know what you want, like or enjoy any more?
  • Are you living up to your potential?
  • Are you willing to invest yourself?

How will a ADD/ADHD Coach help me?

Coaching is a relationship created expressly to move you in the direction of your goals and dream. Together, you and you coach will explore what you value and what you desire and PLAN a way to get there.

Your coach will:

  • Develop plans, structures or strategies with you.
  • Combat the negative inner voice that keeps you from achieving your dreams.
  • Educate you about ADD and ADHD if applicable.
  • Create accountability for completing goals.
  • Challenge you to achieve more.
  • Encourage and support you.

The Right Fit

Not all coaches are created equally. Just as each client is unique, so are the coaches that are out there. You’ll want to be sure to look for a coach that ‘fits’ right for you. Chances are, you found this website because you have been searching for ADD/ADHD specific solutions. Sheri lives with and understands ADD/ADHD. Her enthusiasm and planning strategies are unmatched. By offering the first session for free, you can both determine if the fit is right and you feel inspired, energetically charged and ready for more success in your life!

The Investment

Coaching is unique for every client and should be considered an investment in tools that prepare you for success. Sheri recommends a minimum of three months of coaching at regular intervals to get through anything significant in your life.

What can you expect to pay?
For as little as $250 a month you can start on your way to achieving your goals. This is based on the minimum sessions required. Sheri works closely with her clients to set a schedule and frequency that works best for the goals you set.

Feel Like
You Might Be Ready?
If you feel like having a qualified ADD/ADHD Coach will benefit your life and help you attain your goals, you’re ready for your FREE CONSULTATION with Sheri. Schedule Your Free Consultation!