Do you have ADHD?


What do you think about people taking the ADHD medications?

I believe that taking medications is a personal choice that should be made based on the advice of your doctor. I’ve coached lots of people who do much better with medication and lots of people who choose not to take meds.


What is your role as a coach regarding medications?
If do choose to take ADHD medication I can help you to find a routine so you are more sure to take the medications regularly. I can also help you to prepare to talk with your doctor if you need to report in on your progress so the doctor can best titrate your dosage. I can talk you through the process of finding someone who will treat your ADHD. Finally, I am happy to be a neutral sounding board to discuss medications should you want to talk that decision through. Sometimes it is nice to talk  with someone who will not try to convince you one way or the other.


Why do some people call it ADD and some people call it ADHD?

The label has changed over the years from ADD to ADHD in the DSM (Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of mental disorders). In the 1980 DSM label was ADD with or without hyperactivity. Many of us did our reading and came to understand ADHD in that time frame and the ADD label stuck in our culture.

In later updates to the DSM ADD became ADHD. Currently the label is ADHD with combined presentation, predominantly inattentive presentation or predominantly hyperactive/impulsive presentation. So, which label you’re most comfortable with may depend on when you got your diagnosis and did all the reading on ADHD. If you want to be current then you’d call it ADHD and if you want to be specific you would identify with one of the three “presentations” of ADHD, mostly inattentive, mostly hyperactive / impulsive, or combined type.


Do you have an area of expertise within the ADHD field?

Yes, I work mostly with professionals, college students and entrepreneurs / business owners who have ADHD. My strength as a coach lies in the ability to help people be more productive and find strategies that work best with their traits. I don’t work with children or people with parenting issues.