One of the key phrases that was drilled into our heads at the ADD Coach Academy is

“What you pay attention to grows”.

I have had this phrase in my head for 15 years now and it has proven to be crazy powerful while being ridiculously simple at the same time.

The phrase encourages you to notice what you’re giving all of your time, energy and attention to and makes you question if that is where you want to focus your life. If you focus on worries and anxiety they will grow. If you focus on your strengths and the things you are grateful for those will grow.

I find for myself and many of my clients a shift in perspective is often all that is needed to see our way out of a situation where we feel stuck.

These last few days the thing I’ve struggled with is a mood. My husband and I live on a small farm. Farmlife is usually dreamy. However, this week we’ve had pig problems. Literally. I’ve spent many hours herding escaped pigs through thick spring mud back into their pens. Mucking around with stubborn piggies is an activity that allows me to work myself into a mood that makes me curse the day I decided farm life is for me.

Then my coach training comes into effect. I really don’t like being in this foul mood. I know I can change the mood with a change of focus. Should I decide to just go with the flow I know I’ll wallow (pun fully intended) in this mood for awhile. Instead I’ve been paying attention to all the farm-y things that make me happy and deeply satisfied.

Here’s what I pay attention to:

  • I run lists through my head of how many types of berries we are currently growing (12!). Naming them each takes enough concentration to swtich my mind from whatever else I was thinking.
  • I stop and smell the hyacinths that I planted all over the yard
  • I eat our own picked eggs that have been dyed with beet juice.
  • I drink from hand made pottery that a friend who loves us made for us for our wedding.

In summary, I pay attention to tasks that have been done already, the things that bring me happiness, and the items that make me think of my friends. I make it all super tangible by using many of my senses to make a powerful impact. I fight the freaking bad mood by paying attention to and growing not just a farm full of goodness, but a head full of happy thoughts.

I hope you’re enjoying a beautiful spring day wherever you are.
I am loving my spring here on the farm!



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